Have you dreamt of firing your boss and starting a business of your own from home? This weekly show for the new online business owner provides information on marketing skills, tips and actionable strategies to start and grow your own home business. Learn sales training, customer support and online marketing , internet systems setup, free software and tools, empowerment strategies and success mindset techniques for the home business entrepreneur. Get your weekly dose of home business mentorship from Jane Gardner, a home business entrepreneur for the past several decades.

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A weekly show on various topics you need to know as a home business entrepreneur. Hosted by Jane Gardner, this weekly show is on how to start run and grow your own home business. Jane is a home business entrepreneur working for last 20 years with my husband in our home office. Today’s show is an overview of topics going to be talking about over the next year. In the first week of the month, I am going to be talking about the traits of the mindset of the entrepreneur and the topic of your messaging and your Brand. In week two, the theme is strategy and systems in your business. In week three, the topic is the most important as it’s going to be all about you customer and customer acquisition and selling. In week four the topic is all about the skills and knowledge and actionable trainings you need to have as a home business entrepreneur. How to do sales; how to do a website; how to understand cash flow and also I will go over free software and tools that will save you time and money in your business. HomeBizStartupTv is an extensive show about the skills knowledge mindset tools and systems and strategy you can put into your business to be a successful at home business entrepreneur. So, please subscribe at https://homebizstartupTV.com to get the worksheets, links and resources mentioned in our broadcasts.